The Final Release of BMDPed


BMDPed has been discontinued but we have one final free update for you.

Click below to download the final program, database and images.  

Licensing is no longer required to run the program.  There is no charge.

The website URL "" is no longer active.  

This URL,, will be active for an indefinite time.

We thank all those who have supported our efforts over the last few decades and hope that the phenomenal amount of work that we put into this endeavor was in some way helpful to you and the Bernese Mountain Dog breed.


Date Version Approx Size Link
Jan 16, 2015
~72 Mb

This program is free from viruses.  You can safely ignore any warnings during installation.

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BMDPedfw (Bernese Mountain Dog Pedigree for Windows) includes a very comprehensive, extensive and complete database of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

The software, in conjunction with the database, is designed to be used by Bernese Mountain Dog breeders as an aide in selecting and evaluating potential breeding stock through the use of pedigrees, certifications, titles, longevity, in-breeding coefficients, and sex-linked gene lists, as well as analysis of siblings, half-siblings, and progeny.

The intention is to give the breeder as much information as possible for making good breeding decisions.